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Design and construction

Based on our experience and the customer's specifications, we are able to create a design of the relevant machinery, which is consulted during development and subsequently approved. On the basis of each approved design, drawing documentation is drawn up for production itself. We are able to provide drawing documentation in both paper and electronic form, including CAD models.


Production and assembly

Our company deals with the construction of single-purpose machines and fixtures from their design through production, assembly to final processing and delivery.

The machine assembly also includes programming, electrical and pneumatic circuit connections, including delivery of relevant service documentation. In cooperation, we are able to provide heat treatment (hardening, nitriding), surface treatments (powder coating, zinc, blackening, anodizing) and thus include the complete delivery of the order.

At the same time, we deal with individual orders in the field of chip machining, grinding and welding according to the specified production documentation.

Thanks to our machine park, we are able to cover both small and large series production. We are able to machine all types of materials (plastic, non-ferrous metals, all types of steel, cast iron, etc.). We deliver manufactured parts including surface treatment (hardening, galvanization) and others.

From the completely manufactured and delivered parts, we then assemble and revitalize the devices in question. All devices are first tested and verified by us and then installed at the customer's place.


3D measurement

Our company has the latest equipment for 3D scanning and product measurement.
Thanks to the mobility of the device, you no longer have to take your tools, preparations and products to measuring laboratories in a complicated and lengthy way, but we will come directly to you and measure everything necessary on the spot.

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We deal with conventional turning in the field of piece and small series production.

  • Maximum turning diameter: 320mm (650mm), maximum workpiece length: 1500mm

  • Machined materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, plastics



  • Lathe SUI32A

  • Lathe SUI32B

  • Lathe SUI32

  • Automatic A40C

  • Automatic A40

  • Automatic machine A20

  • EE500 Lathe

  • CNC Lathe...


We offer conventional and 3-axis shape milling in the field of piece and small-series production.

  • Maximum crossings: 1000 mm, 600 mm, 600 mm (x,y,z)

  • Machined materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, plastics


  • Machining center Hermle U1000A

  • Machining center MCV1000

  • Machining center MCV500

  • FNG40 CNC

  • FNGP40

  • FN40

  • FA3AV


We deal with the grinding of rotary and flat surfaces in the field of piece production. We are able to provide sharpening of cutting and planing knives on the Kameníček tool grinder.

  • Machined materials: steel, tool steel


  • SZSR surface grinder

  • REINECKER round grinder

  • Stone tool grinder BN-102 

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